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Wireless Security & Infrastructure Solutions



Easily track trucks, shipments and drivers

Renovotec & Zebra’s solutions help you achieve peak efficiency with visibility into everything associated with the trailers that arrive and depart the yard — from the type of freight they are hauling to the urgency of each load.

Instantly track shipment contents, direct drivers to the best dock, reduce wait times and improve turnaround times.

Move trucks and shipments efficiently

Zebra’s RFID tags capture inbound trailer-load information at the gate and relay it to a central office to quickly prioritise shipments and process dock-door assignments.

Monitor yard vehicles and drivers

For improved safety, use real-time information to detect excessive vehicle speed, unnecessary idling and improper shifting to lower fuel usage and insurance costs.

Prioritise receiving and cross-docking

Unload the shipments you need most first, eliminate vehicle congestion in the yard and maximise use of drivers and trucks.

Recommended components for yard management

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community, supplies to withstand the conditions of your manufacturing facility and the best partner network to implement and service.


VH10 Vehicle Mounted Computer

The VH10 is built to provide the real-time information your workforce needs to get the job done fast and done right – in warehouse aisles, out in the yard or in a freezer. You get productivity, ingeniously engineered.

IMZ320 Mobile Printer

Building on the success of the MZ, the new iMZ320 mobile receipt printer makes it easier than ever to communicate with the latest Smartphone and Tablets to improve overall efficiencies in retail, mobile workforce.

AP7161 Access Point

Perfect for extending network coverage to outside areas, the AP 7161 brings the latest 802.11n 3×3 MIMO tri-radio design together with the rugged outdoor performance.


Barcode label supplies

Zebra stock and custom supplies are high-quality, pre-tested and proven reliable so you can be confident that your labels will be readable and scannable.


Renovotec services

Our services help you through each phase of your technology’s lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation’s current and future needs.

Location solutions

Renovotec & Zebra’s portfolio of location solution products along with our real-time locating system software, work together to give you a digital view of your physical operations.

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